Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Brianna behind Fearless Arrow Photography. I'm located in Terre Haute, Indiana but I am wanderlust and ready to travel to your desire.


     My passion for photography has grown over the years and I'm here to help you capture genuine moments to last a lifetime. I believe in being fearless in the pursuit of life while letting love and laughter drive my soul. Let me capture your moments whether milestone or just because. I aspire to document life's beauty with all of its flaws and raw emotions. My heart thrives by sunlight and natural textures. 


      I grew up in Northwest, Indiana. I started taking pictures in high school. I have four Siberian Huskies and a German Shepherd that are my absolute world. I'm an alumna of Alpha Phi Fraternity. Photography has always been an outlet for me and something I've very passionate about. I believe that photography is about capturing one's true self and all of their emotions. I am always learning and growing to become the best that I can be. 


     You can usually find me cruising through town with the top off my Jeep and the wind in my hair. My favorite band Taking Back Sunday is usually cranked through my speakers and my purple aviator sunglasses on. I love pasta and cooking. I enjoy chasing the sunset and sitting on a beach somewhere. I love anything pasta related. I'm a firm believer there isn't much that iced coffee can't fix. When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me wearing a headset. I' work as a 911 dispatcher as the calm voice during the night. 

behind the lens